An organization’s ability to manage change and maintain positive team dynamics will be foundational in determining its future success. As President of Technology, Thomas Joseph is responsible for the strategic management and development of Synthesis’ technology and engineering teams, mutually working with its strategic network partners creating innovation and solving complex problems.  Earlier in his career Thomas held various consulting positions with Rogers Communications,  President’s Choice Financial, GSMA, JP Morgan Chase, BMO, and Barclays. A few initiatives he has been instrumental include:

  • Blockchain solution powered by Hyperledge Fabric targeting the drug supply chain in the interest of improving accountability, transparency and traceability among all supply chain stakeholders down to the consumer through a mobile application.
  •  Instant Issuance (2015) – An first of a kind E2E solution in North America that allows President Choice Financial, to leverage Instant Credit Adjudication and Instant Credit Card Fulfillment allowing a customer to apply for a credit card, and if approved, receive a fully embossed MasterCard CPV certified credit card in-store in less than 7 minutes.
  • Suretap (2013) – Rogers Communications launching fully commercial, end-to-end, credential provisioning service for mobile NFC payments

Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science specializing in Information Resource Management and Associate of Science in Computer Information systems. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, writing, travelling and when time allows experimenting with new emerging technologies.