As a Managing Director at Synthesis, Nick Stekovic is responsible for the overall strategic development and growth of the agency for North American, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets.

Nick is a transformational builder, leader and an expert with proven IT and Digital multi-functional experience through years of supporting leading brands and Fortune companies. His Multi-Tier portfolio encompasses industries such as finance, insurance, technology, media & television, entertainment, automotive, travel, telecommunications, education, energy, retail, food & health, and transportation. Nick held various senior positions in advertising working for companies like Infor, Momentum, AIMIA, RBC, CIBC, Bell Media and recently consulted for Great-West Life, Toronto Star and PC Financial helping them with their digital transformations.

His areas of expertise are: Operations Consulting, Digital Transformations, IT Resource Consulting, Digital Payments, Points Reward Systems, Enterprise Systems, Data-Warehousing, Mobile, Touch Applications, CMS/CRM, E-Commerce, Video Platforms, Ad Server Systems, Legacy Systems, and Stand-Alone Platforms.

Nick’s educational background is in Mathematics and Computer Programming specializing in Business Information Systems. In his spare time he enjoys his passion for music playing synths with his band as well as actively being involved in sports. Aside from a busy work life, he enjoys helping and coaching young entrepreneurs critical skills to launching successful products, brands and campaigns.